Like a small hamlet you find the Domain, four buildings harmoniously arranged to form an ensemble. It is surrounded by more than 100 young olive trees, old pines and stone oaks. A gravelled court, its center piece a 90-year-old olive tree, separates the studio from the loft. Six steps lead up to a patio, a terracotta-tiled open space which can be closed off by two sturdy wooden shed doors, if required. This large interior court combines the loft, the living room, with the Ciel where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located. So close to the sky (ciel) built on pillars, with a breathtaking view of the Argens Valley. In the distance the small and the great Bession and - at the very end of the horizon the white limestone of the Mont Ste.Victoire, the mountain that so inspired Paul Cezanne. At the food of the Ciel a lovely turquoise pool invites and seduces with its innumerable options for games or a lazy nap on the inflatable. 


Please remain, you're so beautiful .... on the steps with a glass of rosé, playing  a game of petanque with friends, in the glow of the first spring light... continuez


A slope with an exact west orientation with views over forests and hills. Vine is grown in the valley, olives on the cultivated terraced slopes ... continuez


Everything is built from mostly traditional materials occurring in the area: burned brick, lime plaster, sandstone, terracotta, iron, glass, a little wood.... continuez