A slope with an exact west orientation with views over forests and hills. Vine is grown in the valley, olives on the cultivated terraced slopes. Mont Ste.Victoire on the distant horizon - makes for plenty of inspiration for architecture.

It all started with the idea for the hamlet. There are spaces and courtyards that put nature and buildings into context. The framed vista puts the diversity of the surroundings in view like a stage design.

The square as a place of entry into the ensemble. Here one arrives, meets with others and  enters the individual houses.

The adjoining loft, the central living area, opens to the courtyard, with a view under the ciel towards Mont St. Victoire.

The sleeping house on pillars, very close to the sky ... And the Atelier, its shape actually generated from a cube, amidst old and mighty pine trees. All at a comfortable distance from Loft and Ciel, private and yet integrated.